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Real life threshold to Narnia and some stuff I played with near it.

Here’s a picture of where I am/what I’ve been doing for the past week. (That’s me on the bottom left)

Here’s a picture of where I am/what I’ve been doing for the past week. (That’s me on the bottom left)

"These frames are from the Davide Turconi Project, which is a record of the 35mm nitrate film frame clippings collected by Italian film historian Davide Turconi (1911–2005) from the Josef Joye Collection in Switzerland and from other unidentified sources. Housed primarily at George Eastman House, the collection consists of 23,491 clippings in total (usually two to three frames each). The vast majority of the frames cover the early years of cinema (from ca. 1897 to 1915).

Joshua Yumibe has again provided the selection. Whereas the majority of the images in our first posting from the collection were largely pristine samples, this time the focus is on clips that contain advance stages of nitrate decomposition. Joshua says that “such frames make up a relatively small yet remarkable portion of the collection. As these shapes and hues have tragically faded in disintegrating emulsion, we are left with fragments that, through the workings of time, have transmuted into breathtaking images akin to abstract works of art.”“

from 50Watts.com

Artus Scheiner Fairy Tales

Artus Scheiner Fairy Tales

Creation of the Birds, Remedios Varo

Creation of the Birds, Remedios Varo

Birthday, Dorothea Tanning

Birthday, Dorothea Tanning

Idea for how to create a piece this summer in a different way using same materials. The thought came to me in the shower this morning; now gotta get the people asap and go. Enough bullshit about it.

So today I found out the actual reason why I lost the group training space. I was told by one person who lives at the space (but does not own it) that 1) he did ask the owner and she was fine with it 2) I could definitely use it Sunday afternoons. The owner at first was iffy about it, which is why I asked again if it was definitely okay if I used the space. Today I found out that the owner was actually NOT informed about my use of the space! So of course she was not okay with finding out I was using it, it was not “official use”, etc. Honestly that is kind of shitty that I was told that she was cool with it when she apparently was not informed/asked in the first place. It lets down both me and the group when we are told we can use a space weekly only to have it actually be a secret without us knowing it’s a secret…ugh. Disappointed to hear about this. I’m going to have to talk with him and see what the actual story is.

So I had a talk with the owner today about if it would actually be possible to continue the group at the dojo after all. Couple things came up:

1) Can’t be on Sundays anymore, or Saturdays. Would have to find a weeknight.

2) Would have to be open to the public. Though I originally invited physical theatre folks, I did reach out to other artists and since I’m not 100% set in stone on if I want to be working with very experienced or less experienced people, I could be open to this.

3) Would have to somehow involve community outreach, to be more in line with the owner’s vision of the space’s events. That’s not something I’m averse to, it just wasn’t in the original plan. I’m interested in brainstorming to figure out possibilities for that. At least she has no problem with the content of the training.

So, it would be a very different kind of group than before, I would think. I’m going to think/discuss about how community outreach could even work into what I’ve been doing, and if that’s a direction I/we would want the group to head in. I’m open to suggestions about that. Do I reshape the group in this way, or do I narrow my focus in a different direction and keep it more of a private ensemble? To be determined.

What have I been doing lately?
For those who don’t know:

-I walked on a slackline for the first time. It’s pretty difficult but other balance-y training helped me, I feel.

-I am rehearsing for a Shakespeare Slam with some good actors: the rude mechs scene, which is really just fun.

-Building upper body strength again: I will climb the rope to the top of the tree before summer ends.

-Will do the DE summer intensive again May-June.

-Tours start soon: my first tours are April 25th.

-Talking with other movement/theatre people about, well, movement. I could talk about it forever. To Aaron, to Emerson students, to DE alums, to other new acquaintances.

-Taking a break from yoga: at least for now, I’m finding aspects of it contradict with what I’m trying to improve in myself. 1) I do not want to manipulate my breath manually! 2) I want to move in efficient ways; yoga tends to include a bunch of “extra” stuff that tones the muscles but is “unnecessary” to the actual movement. I want to do things that are naturally more difficult or dynamic, rather than do something relatively easy that is made harder artificially. Really these things tend to come with the higher level vinyasa classes. Relaxing/gentle yoga not so much, so I’m going with gentle yoga occasionally, with primal practice + running + training + other (parkour??). Primal practice is really sort of a mix between parkour elements, acrobatics, large object work, developmental movement, and martial arts.

- Work: babysitting, teaching after school classes, doing clown gigs.

-Physical actor training in some form or another 1-2x week. Was at the dojo (in JP), now trying some things out with Emerson students, possibly also at Northeastern or somewhere else…

-Occasionally house managing at Apollinaire Theatre: a place I’ve had a somewhat unsteady relationship with, but they kindly let me use a space in exchange (this is the inconvenient location)

-Anxiously waiting for a final document to complete my official MA application…got into Song of the Goat grad program via auditions but still have to get paperwork in and deal with money stuff. Yeah this is the big thing: going to grad school in the fall. I just want to make my last summer in Boston a productive one in the meantime.